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Tappio Jyrki

Tappio Jyrki

Imagine a world where people are hopeless and depressed because the world is dying. As a result, scores of people are prescribed anti-depressants so that they could try to forget that the world, in fact, is dying.

Jyrki Tappio was born into such a world in the year 1988. During his formative years Jyrki was able to live a care free existence in the hopes of being able to witness a world which could maybe someday achieve global peace and harmony. This seemed like a feasible option right after the end of the Cold War, but as Jyrki grew older he heard rumblings of a different kind of threat, a threat which would endanger the existence of all living beings on planet earth: Global Warming. Rather than seeing any unified actions or reactions towards the preservation of life on earth, Jyrki instead witnessed how the “civilized” world became more keen on selling refrigerators and air-conditioners to the highest bidders right until the very end.

“Manmade nature choked Mother Nature,

tied down, we took turns and raped her.”    

-Jyrki Tappio, Motherfuckers

Jyrki Tappio’s poetry collection Childhood Dreams in Adult Themes has been forcefully influenced by this scenario that he, along with the world, can no longer escape. The end result is a sleep deprived work which tackles many societal and personal issues with an abrasive style. 

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